High standard and expectation, Health and Safety
At Bolwarra Enterprises Pty Ltd, the health and safety of all personnel and visitors to our sites is extremely important to us, which is why we have developed and continually update and improve our Safety Management System. Our Safety Management system includes our Health and Safety Policy, Safe Work Procedures, Hazard and Risk Control Measures and Emergency Planning policies. Also included are procedures for Workplace Inspection and Hazard Reporting as well as Work Environment and Health Surveillance, to assist with identifying and managing hazards and risks in order to prevent injury or illness in the workplace. We have high expectations of all personnel to abide by our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Comprehensive Induction Program
All personnel and visitors to our sites are required to undergo a comprehensive Induction program that assures on completion, a good knowledge of the company’s policies and procedures to ensure they are able to complete their requirements safely. To accompany the company’s Induction program, all personnel are updated regularly when necessary generally by attending our Tool Box Meetings.

Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace
At Bolwarra Enterprises Pty Ltd we have a strict Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy. All personnel including sub-contractors are tested regularly for both alcohol and drugs. Any positive result (anything over 0.00%), is a serious breach of employment terms and will be dealt with accordingly.

Maintenance of Trucks and Earthmoving Equipment
All plant and equipment held by Bolwarra Enterprises Pty Ltd is fully maintained to a high standard, generally by Diesel Mechanics employed by the company. Safety and maintenance checks are completed daily before start-up as well as weekly to ensure high standards of safety. We have strict policies in place to ensure these checks are done when required and to ensure checklists required are completed.


Industrial Operations
Due to the invasive nature of our quarry operations, we follow strict Environmental guidelines and ensure total compliance with laws encompassing the protection of flora and fauna. This includes operations such as blasting and extraction of rock products, as well as waste control and site recovery on completion of site use.
With regards to all trading divisions, we have attained all necessary Environmental licenses and ensure all personnel abide by the guidelines and laws. We care greatly about protecting flora and fauna and take all reasonable steps to ensure preservation for future generations.